Eye/Face-Lift Tape

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Transformation tape

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Strong, clear and flexible tape recommended by transformation artists. Hypoallergenic and latex free this is the only tape both gentle and strong enough to do the job.

To lift the eyes and thus achieve a much more feminine affect start by placing a wig cap on the head to cover all the hair – the cap should rest approximately 3″ above the eyebrows. Be sure that the forehead is clean and thoroughly dried before attempting to apply the tape. Next, cut two strips of the Eye-Lift Tape between 6 to 9 inches long and let them hang by one of the ends on the edge of a desk/table until needed. Taking one tape, adhere it just above the centre of one eyebrow approximately 1.5″ above the actual brow. Press hard to ensure it is firmly in place and pull vertically upwards keeping the tape away from the head. Keeping a firm/taught pressure pull the unattached end diagonally toward the opposite side of the head (rear) and again press down firmly to attach to the wig cap (you want to finnish up with both tapes crossing over each other approximately 3/4’s of the way along the tape).

Repeat the same step with the other tape on the other eyebrow ensuring the tape crosses the other one when attaching to the wig cap. The tapes should cross in the centre of the wig cap/head, just forward of the ears. If you feel the need, you may take an extra 4″ strip of tape and attach it accross the head (ear to ear) to hold down the long strips.

When first following this procedure it may feel tight and a little unnatural but the tape and wig cap will both give a little and you will become less concious of it after a time. If wearing a wig with bangs this will cover the tape-ends on the forehead after make-up has been applied – you can also blend the ends of the tape with foundation as part of the makeover. You are now ready to apply makeup and shape your eyebrows.

For a visual aid to this easy process you can purchase the Amy Makeover DVD which takes you step by step through a makeover transformation starting with the tape.

Colors: Clear
Sizes: 1 inch width