Perfectly Perky Oval Breast Forms

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Soft realistic oval silicone breast forms. Slightly concave back and realistic nipple for proportional look.

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Our latest breastform is a super life-like version of our best-selling oval shape but with our perky nipple design and really soft silicone. Combined with the regular flesh color, the preferred matte finish and soft to touch feel these are a steal for the quality at this price. The Sheer Pocket Bra we sell is made for these breast forms and not only makes them appear as part of you but also helps make them ‘jiggle’ when you move. This month you receive the bra, worth $25.95 for FREE.

The soft silicone and quality workmanship on the shape and the seals of these breastforms are not usually seen on forms at twice the price – indeed, some of our competitors sell these forms at twice what we are offering them for. They fill out regular bras nicely and look great when used with Hollister adhesive spray or our adhesive tapes. The design fit perfectly in our 2700 sheer pocket bras featured below. The lightly concave back ensure a great fit for cd/tg customers. Complemented with a perky realistic nipple, these forms not only are shaped like the real thing but they feel and move just like the real thing. The soft life-like silicone warms quickly to your body temperature and even the smaller sizes move naturally as you walk.

Guarantee: If you are not delighted with the look, feel and quality of these breastforms at this knock-down price then simply return to us within 10 days of receiving them for a full refund (less price of shipping) – no questions asked. Just remember to try for size BEFORE you attempt to use with adhesives.

These oval breastforms come boxed as a pair for the price. Easy to clean in mild, lukewarm, soapy water and safe to use with approved adhesives they will last you a long time with minimum care and maintenance. You may also use these forms for swimming and recreation – they will not be harmed by salt water or chlorinated water. As with all silicone products, please do not expose to extreme temperatures.

Sizes Available:

S – 5.5″x4.8″ (back), 1.9″ protrusion, Large 32B/34B/36A – $69.95
M – 5.87″x5.1″ (back), 2.1″ protrusion, 32C/Large 34B, 36B – $69.95
L – 5.9″x5.18″ (back), 2.18″ protrusion, Large 34C, 36C, 38B – $74.95
XL- 6.25″x5.5″ (back), 2.3″ protrusion, XL – 34D/Large 36C/38C/40B – $74.95
2X -6.37″x5.6″ (back), 2.3″ protrusion, Large 36D/38D/40C/42B – $79.95
3X – 6.87″x5.6″ (back), 2.44″ protrusion, Large 38D/40D/42C/44B – $79.95
4X – 6.9″x5.75″ (back), 2.8″ protrusion, 40DD/42D/Large 44C/46B – $84.95
5X – 7.1″x6.18″ (back), 2.9″ protrusion, 42DD/44D/46C/48B – $89.95
6X – 7.9″x6.25″ (back), 3.5″ protrusion, 44DD/46D/48C/50B – $99.95

Country of Origin: China

Size Cup Size
Small 32B+/34B/36A
Medium 32C/ 34B+/36B
Large 34C/ 36C+/38B
X-Large 34D/ 36C/38C/40B
2X 36D+/38D/40C/42B
3X 38D+/40D/42C/44B
4X 40DD/42D/44C+/46B
5X 42DD/44D/46C/48B