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There are various garments on the market available to help you tuck; some are purpose-made and some are everyday garments that you can use to achieve the same or similar effect. The most common garment in use is the Gaff which is like a reinforced thong-bikini bottom and was born out of neccesity for female impersonators in theater productions. The Gaff should have a double layer of material at the front. Some gurls like to use a regular thong just make sure it is tight enough to do the job at hand. Other homemade versions include wearing multiple pairs of tight panties (usually a size or two smaller than you would otherwise wear) and tight panties or a thong together with control pantyhose – again with the emphasis being tight to hold everything in place.

‘Tucking’ in its pure sense refers to tucking the testicles back up into the cavity from where they descended back when you were a teen, tucking the male member backunder the crotch and then using a garment like a gaff to hold everything in the tucked position with the result that when you stand you have a smooth feminine appearance. Follow these Easy Steps and you can complete your feminine shape:
  • Lie on your back on a bed with your knees up and a gaff around your lower thighs
  • Remaining as relaxed as possible, feel for the cavities at the base of the scrotum where the testicles originally dropped from
  • Gently pull the excess skin of the lower sac tighter which will slowly force the testicles upwards – sometimes they will pop back up themselves or you may need to give them a little assistance. Not everyone can do this so WARNING: if you feel any pain or they simply will not go back up then do NOT force them
  • Push the penis back so that there is an extra layer helping to hold the testicles in place
  • Holding everything in place with one hand you then pull the gaff up into place so that now everything is securely tucked up in place
  • Finally slowly get up from the bed and look in the mirror at your new you. You may well feel some discomfort which is OK but you should not be in pain
  • When you have finished dressing simply remove your gaff and everything will gradually fall back in to place within a minute
For those who would like the extreme version used by female impersonators in theater you do as above up until the point of the testicles being pushed back up and then you introduce the use of a medical tape like Transpore 1” tape using two 6 inch lengths cut and hanging ready on the edge of a table. Wrap the empty testicle sac/extra skin either side of the male member base and use one strip of tape to wrap it snuggly (but not so tight as to stop blood flow). The male member is then pushed backwards and everything kept in place with a gaff, tight panties or control pantyhose. Some also prefer to tape the member down in place using the medical adhesive tape as liberally as possible. If using the tape method you must shave or use a hair remover (with care and always test on a patch of skin first in case you are allergic) otherwise you will not get good adhesion and removing the tape will be agony. The scrotum area must be completely dry for the tape to be effective. The best method of tape removal is in a bath or during a shower which helps sogten the adhesive of the tape and then by pulling the skin taught you may gradually pull away the tape.

Many dressers do not have the luxury of being able to remove hair so the gaff is the most common method and are readily available from any good crossdressing boutique. Now you can wear your little black dress or pair of gurly jeans without fear of any tell-tale signs giving you away.

WARNING: The techniques here are for informational purposes only. In particular the use of tape and tucking are opinions taken from a number of our customers who ‘tuck’ on a regular basis and are not intended as a guide tried and tested by – we do however strongly advise that you stop any part of your dressing regime that causes pain, whatever it may be.
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