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David, Feel free to use the following as a testimonial. I just experienced the best on-line shopping experience ever. First of all, I am absolutely thrilled with the Open Bottom Girdle’s quality and accurate sizing. Second, I received my shipment within 5 days, including a national holiday to CA.

Great products and great service! I will definitely place my next order with Glamour Boutique!

Best regards, Jill
David, thank you so I said before, your customer service is 2nd to none...and I don't know if you are the owner of the company but you seem like a very nice and honest guy and are an asset to GB. D.T.
David, I was sorry to hear of your illness and regret not being able to meet you today. But you have an outstanding staff and the ladies took wonderful care of me when I picked up my order.. Maureen explained in our 10:00AM call that you wouldn't be able to attend and I asked if I might pick-up anyway as I was driving to New York . Thank you very much for GB's hospitality and I look forward to visiting the site again. With best wishes for your return to good health, Erica
David, I received the see-thru miniskirt dress yesterday and it is soooo sensual and sexy. I look forward to wearing it with the see-thru panties I purchased from you a few months ago and taking some pictures. Again thanks and I appreciate the quality of your products. Hugs, Terri.
Maureen, Dave and all, Got the shoes today, Perfect fit! had to try them. Been a while since I had 5"ers..Got dressed and tried them. Sat to check e-mail Cellphone rings. I go trotting through the apartment,,,DD's jiggling and the wig in my face. Feel free to point an laugh. Wrong number. I was amused.! Thanks for all the great service! Lacy
Dear Dave, Thank you so much for your help with my purchaces last Friday. You were so nice and helpful on the phone, you made me feel very comfortable. The forms and two bras I bought were wonderful and they fit great. They were my first breastforms and they did wonders for my confidence. I hate to take them off, lol. I've already gotten a nice compliment for my new earrings also.  Thank You, Kimberly Ann
Hi David!! Oh what a wonderful shopping experience with  All the Best, M
Thanks so much GB! Your customer service is fantastic and you have a great store! You are a blessing to those of us who "need" you! :-) Regards, GS
Hi there! I was on your site today and picked up some really fun items. Thanks very much to the gentleman (Dave?) who helped me out over the phone. He made it very easy ... it was my first time buying stuff and I was a little embarassed! I will definitely be returning! Thanks, Paige
Dear David, I have tried the gaffs and find them effective , comfortable and wearable for 12 hours at a stretch, of all the gaffs that I have worn, yours are the most satisfactory now that Robin Wilson is no longer in business. Thank you for your prompt service , I have recommended them o my tranny friends who, like myself, find that it is important to tuck. I shall order some more shortly. Best Wishes, Jack
Dear David, Thank you for your email. After some consideration I think I would like to select option number 2. That is, please send me the breastforms without the self adhesive that you recieved in your last shipment. I'm sure they will be just fine. Let me also say that of all the stores of this type that I have used on-line, this is by far the best one I have found . Thanks, Thomas
First time buyer: Timely order/shipping acknowledgement Thanks Davd I look forward to your products being as good as you order/ack system. Kimba
Maureen. Just got my order, So I tried it all on Yes it all fit. So here is the thing....I kept walking to the mirror..I think the wig made the outfit,. With makeup...I was thinking DANG/ I could actually pass. That was not the idea. I just wanted some fun stuff to wear, I went HECK I'd ask me out.. Thanks all the help Lacy.
Hi David, I wanted to say thanks for the killer service & exchange last week.. right about the time I was expecting the email to arrive with shipping info, the forms were already here! Thats awesome & I really appreciate it. RR
Hi David, I wanted to say thanks for the killer service & exchange last week.. right about the time I was expecting the email to arrive with shipping info, the forms were already here! Thats awesome & I really appreciate it. RR
Dave, I got my GB telephone order. I am happy to say I just love them. The Chev1 Dress fits fine with my breast forms. The two skirts fit nice. They all look Great! The silver belt fits a little tight. We did a very good job with size selection. I have two questions. On the black leather skirt, the zipper goes on the back. Correct? The free stay up fish net stockings is a plus size. Will they fit me? I have a 25" inseam leg and a 21" diameter thigh at the top. Thank You So Much, Jamie
Hi,I wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday and everything is a wonderful fit. I am very happy! As my needs require I will be a return customer. Thank you very much. Dannie
Awesome! Thanks David! I've been taking a look at other items on your site. You'll be seeing more of me. Thanks again for the wonderful customer service. David
Yay! Thanks so much. I hope to contact you again in the future. I have a wedding in a year : perhaps I'll be smaller by then, but still I need to look amazing in my wedding dress. Plus I'm thinking of waist training. We'll see how this goes (my first time with a corset) Dollena
hi david, just recieved the package yesterday, oh my god, i just love all the products, now i have fantastic hips, great tits, and a fabulous hairdo too, so much so , that i did my first ever daytime outing, with amazing confidence. thanks very much david, i have a crossdressers meetup group happening next sunday night, first time in a bar, and i am so looking forward to it, and with help of your products, im sure to get some positive comments which will hopefully send some business your way. thanks again from one very happy customer. Dani
Hello David, I just received my first order and everything is great!!!! Thank you so much for your help in picking the things out- I feel so sexy when I put them on! I can't wait to get my dress and the other stuff in the second order. Thanks!! Toni Toni
Hi David, Thanks much -- I really appreciate it! And I've enjoyed buying 'goodies' from you! Your service and items have all be absolutely wonderful. Thanks again, David
Hello David, Received the order, thanks for your assistance, everything is perfect, thinking about ordering the adhesive or the tape now. Thank-you, Tanya
Just wanted to thank you for the learning center. You answered a lot of my question. I now feel more comfortable in dressing. Robyn
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