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Once the staple of post-war ladies underwear and lingerie draws, these fabulous sexy garments together with stockings have been making a retro comeback since their demise in the 1970’s. Garterbelts, girdles and stockings evoke a far more glamorous period from the 1930’s through to the early 1970’s – a woman needed to be smooth and sleek and the elasticized foundation garments helped mould a flat stomach, attractively curved hips and fanny with no lumps.

Girdles were first developed in France at the turn of the 20th Century but really came into their own from the 1930’s onwards with the advancement in production of elastic. Post-War, girdles, garter-belts and seamed stockings came to prominence and are immortalized on both sides of the Atlantic by movie stars such as Lauren Bacall, Maraliyn Monro, Diana Dors and Rita Heyworth.

Stockings, thigh-highs, garter-belts, girdles and even tight-lacing corsets have enjoyed a re-birth in recent years as ladies again, see the traditional lingerie garment as a sexy alternative to the modern day alternatives on the market. Evidence of this rekindling of the more defined hour-glass figure ably assisted by these body-shaping garments can be seen in many fashion magazines, movies and even at the Oscars and other awards shows. Retro models such as Bernie Dexter and Dita Von Teese can be seen across the internet in all their provocative glory, their bodies visually extolling the virtues of retro undergarments and lingerie. But will this welcome retrospective last?

The classic hourglass figure of a bygone era is very much back and here to stay – what more sexy than a gurl with an enhanced bust, cinched waist and curvy hips and rounded derriere enclosed in either a corset, cincher or open-bottom girdle and finished with a pair of seamed stockings and stiletto heel pumps? It is the ideal feminine shape for many including male fans of pin-up girls, the product of male fantasies.

Dressing and undressing in such garments is an erotic experience in itself compared to just pulling on a pair of panties and pantyhose. Dressing is a very feminine process in itself, particularly when tightening a corset, pulling on a garter-belt and then slowly putting on stockings, one at a time and attaching to garters. This is all very sensual and heightens the dressing process for many. Understand this and maybe you can understand the pleasure there is in dressing up in such traditional feminine garments.

Care of Undregarments: Steel Boned Corsets must always be dry-cleaned. Reduce maintenance by always wearing a liner between the skin and corset (tight t-shirt/blouse) that will reduce bodily oils and perspiration being absorbed. Also, consider spraying the outside of the corset with Scotch Guard to protect from stains etc.

Girdles and Garter-belts like most undergarments should be washed after use or after every two wearings. Modern fabrics can be laundered and do not have to be hand-washed but follow the label guidelines and wash on a cooler temperature to make your garments last. Always ensure zippers and fasteners are in the closed/fastened position. For drying, we recommend towel drying first and then hanging to air dry. Girdles and Garter-belts will deteriorate fast if you use a heat source to dry them too fast. Preferably hang such garments to dry by the garters and if you must iron, use a cloth layer between iron and undergarment so you do not damage the elastic.

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