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Perfect Hips Silicone Pads - NEW !
Silicone hip padding for the correct size, shape and proportion of female hips. Self adhesive and stays in place with pantyhose.
List: $249.95
Price: $199.95


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Detailed Description


Create the perfect curves with the Perfect Hips silicone hip pads. This female prosthesis will mold to the body form, and add onto your hips for a realistic female shape
JUST RELEASED: Combo Saver-Pack of Medium plus Large pads - SAVE $80 !!

Our Perfect Hips are 100% soft silicone made to enhance your hourglass figure by adding realistic feminine hips. The silicone hip pads adhere directly to the skin's surface and can be used over and over again. Simply wash with warm water and mild soap after each use.

The perfect hips pads are a female prosthesis sculpted to form the most realistic of shapes and the edges are thin enough to blend in almost unnoticed so that there are no more lumps and bumps often associated with more traditional hip padding. Apply in seconds and see the difference that proportional fuller hips make - they help to balance broader shoulders and so ensuring the ideal feminine shape. Perfect hips silicone pads are available in 2 sizes:

Each Medium Pad:
Length - 11.1"
Wide - 9.8" (at widest point)
Each pair of Medium pads adds 2 to 3 inches to your existing hips 

Each Large Pad:  
Length - 13"
Wide - 11.4" (at widest point)
Each pair of Large pads adds 4 to 5 inches to your existing hips 

Now you can dress with total confidence knowing you have a desirable figure with curves in all the right places. Perfect Hips are molded to the correct female shape and proportion and so ensuring dresses, skirts, jeans and pants fit correctly. 

These silicone hip pads naturally adhere to the skin surface but we advise the use of a recommended adhesive like Hollister Medical Adhesive and/or pantyhose, particularly with the large size silicone hip pads. 
Now you can buy the Medium and Large Pads together as a 'Combo Saver-Pack' and get the 3 pairs for an $80 price reduction.

Perfect Hips are now available in 3 different shades of silicone: light, medium and dark. Simply select the color you want from the drop-down when you are placing your order and that is the color you will receive.  


Please note Perfect Hips are made to order, non returnable and take approximately 14-21 days to be delivered from the time your order is placed.  

Sizes: Medium or Large



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