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Feminine Shape Crossdressing Kit - NEW!
Boobs, bra & cincher kit
List: $229.95
Price: $124.95


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Detailed Description

Excellent money-saving shaper kit that instantly gives you a bust and a more defined waist. Purchase from our competitiors and the individual price of these items would total up to $250!! If purchased from GB individually you would pay over 20% more - you are saving over $20 on the low Glamour Boutique prices alone.
Your kit comprises of our 341 Value Cincher that has plastic boning to give a more defined shape to your waist and hip area, a pair of premium grade silicone oval forms with perky nipples (can be used in a bra or with recommended adhesives) and our sexy 2700 Jiggle Bra - the best sheer pocket bra available to hold your forms safely.  
Simply slip into your cincher and use with or without the detachable garters and take an inch to 1.5 inches off your waist instantly. Be sure to order the cincher one size below your regular waist waist size for a good fit. This great value shaper fastens on the side with hook and eye attachments and you have 2 rows of eyes so that you can cinch comfortably or tighter for added definition in the waist and hip area.
Place the soft silicone forms in the pockets of your new sheer bra and you will have an instant bust that appears real through the fine sheer bra material. Made from premium grade super-soft silicone, these forms are designed and weighted to mimic the real thing and move just as a ladies breast in their black jiggle bra. They warm to body temperature very quickly and feel as though they are part of you.
CHOOSING THE CORRECT SIZE BRA AND FORMS: Simply choose your actual size measurements for Chest Size and Under-Pec Size and we will ensure you are sent the correct bra. For Chest Size measure around the chest at nipple height. For Under Pec Size measure around the chest just underneath the pec muscle (approximately 1.5 to 2" below the nipple). On an average male a C cup will give a realistic/passable shape, a D will be Large and a DD Very Large. If you have never worn forms before we recommend starting with a C Cup.
Please note the largest size available now is 40D/42C/44B
Choose the size you require and you will receive the Black 341 Cincher, the matching Black Jiggle Bra and a pair of super-soft silicone Oval Forms. If you need help with sizeing simply call us on 1 888 721 8688 and we'll be glad to help you.
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