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You can find much information about body-shaping for a femme figure and other topics in our Learning Center. Here are a few up-front facts about crossdresser breast forms—just enough to get you started shopping with the bare minimum of information.

Please note that if what you are looking for is an actual person to talk with about breast forms for men, contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your unique needs and how we might help.

  1. Silicone breast forms give a more authentic feeling of having breasts. Yes, they cost more than other options, but you get so much more. If cared for properly, they’ll last for a long time too. For those who have frequent opportunities to use transgender/ crossdresser breast forms it’s worth the investment if it’s within the budget to purchase them. Note that prices will vary. You can purchase lower cost crossdresser/ transgender breast forms, or you can buy top of the line forms. We offer discount prices on top brands and a very wide selection. If you need help, please contact us for tips on brands, styles and sizes.
  2. One of the first questions our customers who contact us (or who stop in one of our boutiques) ask us is “What size?” The answer is not always so straightforward, which is why you’ll find such a wide range of crossdresser/ transgender breast forms in our boutique. It helps to consider your proportions and muscle tone when you select a size. And if you are purchasing a pocket or other type of bra with which to use your breast forms, you will need to think about band size, something you can determine by measuring your chest just under the arms and above the bust.
  3. Beyond size, consider how the forms look and feel, even how they will move when you have them on, either tucked into a bra or attached with adhesive for braless freedom. Not all forms are alike. Some have a matte instead of a shiny exterior. Some are made to be lighter in weight. Nipples vary too. Some protrude more and others are detachable so you can choose when you want them to show. Movement—whether it’s a youthful jiggle or simply how the forms respond when you move—can vary too.


Again, check our Learning Center or just begin browsing. Our forms are priced to be as affordable as possible while still giving you the quality and durability for long term enjoyment.

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