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Budget Hourglass Figure Kit - NEW !
List: $360.40
Price: $149.95


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Detailed Description

Fantastic affordable Dressing Kit from provides you with a pair of genuine silicone oval-shaped breastforms, a black pocket sheer pocket-bra, a thong gaff and our Steel Boned Waist Cincher for a transforming feminine hourglass shape. Purchase the equivalent items from our competitors and you'll pay $300 and upwards - buy here and you'll receive everything for LESS than $150 !!
Carefully pull on your soft stretch satin gaff and tuck everything back to give a lovely smooth front.  Loosen the laces on your new steel boned satin cinching corset, unclip the front busk and then fasten the corset around you. Either on your own or with the help of a partner follow the instructions and slowly cinch the corset until it feels nice and firm. Notice how you now have a scuilpted waist and in profile your tell-tale tummy bulge has gone. Slip the super-soft life-like oval forms into the pockets of the sheer black jiggle bra and put them on. Feel the life like movement of the forms as you walk and turn. Now touch them and notice how they quickly warm to your body temperature to become a part of you. See the reflection in a mirror of the forms in the sheer cups showing the subtle life-like nipples. Stand in profie and see how the bust now leads and helps complete your hourglass silouette shape and thus creating a much more pleasing femin appearance.
CORRECT BRA AND CUP SIZEING. Simply provide the following information:
Chest Measurement taken at actual nipple height
Chest Measurement just under the pec muscles (1.5 to 2" below the nipple normally)
Cup Size required in the Breast forms
On an average male a C cup will give a realistic/passable shape, a D will be Large and a DD Very Large. If you have never worn forms before we recommend starting with a C Cup.
Please note the largest size available now is 40D/42C/44B.
CORRECT CORSET SIZEING. Simply measure your actual waist measurement. Use a tape measure and just below the tummy button measure around the waist (hold the measure firmly but do not be tempted to 'suck it in'). This is your actual waist measurement. Deduct 4" from the actual waist measurement to get the correct corset size - if you are an odd number of inches for the actual waist measurement then go down 5". If you can pinch more than an inch of loose flesh around the waistline then you should go down to a maximum of 6" to find the correct corset size.
Choose the sizes you require and you will receive the Steel Boned Waist Cincher, the matching Black Jiggle Bra and a pair of genuine soft silicone oval shaped breastforms and of course one of our black feminizing thong gaffs. If you need help with sizeing simply call us on 1 888 721 8688 and we'll be glad to help you.
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