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What is a cheap and easy way to make a pair of breast forms if you cannot run to a pair of silicone forms? Not only is this a question we are asked but we also have the proud owners of homemade fake boobs visiting us urging us to feel how real their bust is. It’s true that not everyone can afford to pay even $50 for a pair of gel forms these days. Also, some dress so infrequently that investing in a pair of super-soft silicone breast forms just makes no sense.

Judging by the feedback we receive, do-it-yourself boob making is as widespread as ever. The most popular methods we hear about are:
  • Bird seed and cut-off pantyhose/knee-highs
  • Rice and cut-off pantyhose/knee-highs
  • Good old ballons filled with water
We are always impressed by the lengths some go to perfect their own breastforms however. Deluxe variations of the above include different fillings that range from rubber pellets instead of seed or rice to give a more lifelike feel to folk actually using craft store products to actually form their own moulds and then make their own version of a gel breast form. So what are the best low cost/low effort methods to produce as realistic a set of boobs as possible?

The bird seed, rice and water balloon methods are tried and tested and all three are certainly low-cost and low effort methods that anyone can implement. For the un-initiated the following are the quick steps needed to make a really quick set of boobs:
BIRD SEED OR RICE METHOD – It’s best that you have a bra to begin with so you know the cup size you are aiming for. If you need help with figuring your bra size then call us on 1 888 721 8688 and we’ll be glad to help you. What’s important at this stage is the cup size you are building. If you know your bra band is a 38 then bear in mind that a B cup tends to be small on a male frame, a C cup is average a D is large and a DD very large. Cut the ends off a pair of old pantyhose or knee-highs and fill the feet with the required amount of seed or rice to fill the cup on your bra. When you knot the hosiery do it loosely at first so you can keep placing the breast form in the cup/bra and then keep re-filling or emptying the seed until you have the correct size for the bra. Once you have the perfect size, tie off very tightly. If you perfect one side then simply weight that form and then weigh the empty hose with seed until the weight equals the same as the perfect form – this will save time. Variations we have heard about include rubber/poly based beads available in craft stores for stuffing soft toys.

WATER BALLOON METHOD – Again, it’s best if you have a bra to start with so you know the cup size the forms need to be. Then all you need are good quality balloons and a faucet to create your boobs. It’s a little more tricky than the seed/rice method since you have to safely tie off the balloon each time you fill it and then un-tie before filling again to eventually get the right size to fit your cup. Some folk like to place a balloon inside another in case of puncturing/accidents. Also, using agai a cut off end of pantyhose over each water balloon adds more protection and better coloring and texture.

You’ve mastered the seed or water balloon method but you want something more realistic without going to any great expense. There are some more options available that have been tried and tested by folk and in general the best results are achieved by just a little more money and quite a bit more time/effort. Most girls that use these enhaced make-your-own methods feel that the added time and effort is really worthwhile.

DIAPER-GEL METHOD – A variation on the water balloon method that certainly improves the feel and movement that can be achieved. Modern-day diapers have a powder on the inner layer which when it makes contact with liquid turns into a gel – similar to silicone. We have seen a pair made this way and the touch and feel are realistic. Thank-you to Jenny who explained how she made them when she stopped by to show us. Take 4 balloons and place the first balloon inside another. Use between 1 and 3 tablespoons of the powdered gel from the diaper for each breast form and pour carefully into the inner balloon. The using a syringe, add 200 to 400ml of water (or more if you want to go v big) to the balloon with the powder. Tie off the balloon and shake vigorously to allow the powder to react with the water and form the gel – as the gel forms massage the balloon to ensure it mixes evenly. The outer ballon gives added protection and again it’s preferable to add a beige/flesh colored pantyhose cut-off foot to complete the breast form. Now complete the steps for the other side but be sure that you use equal measurements. Jenny explained she has heard of others using condoms instead of ballons but she prefers the balloon method for a little more strength. Experiment with ratio of the gel powder to water to get the preferred density you like. Another gel-variation is using the gel sold in garden centers/supply stores. The gel you want comes in crystals and is used to hold water in pot plants for slow release over time. Again, experiment with ratio of water to gel until you achieve the correct consistency and size you are after.

DOUBLE QBRA METHOD – There are a few variations to this method which is certainly quicker and less messy than the balloons and seed methods but recommended for those wanting only a B or C cup. One customer finds they achieve just the right cup size by taking two QBRA cleavage enhancers (thin self-adhesive silicone cups) – a C cup one and placing that inside the D cup one to give a decent sized cup/form. Because the inside of the cups have adhesive you just press together and you are good to go. The person that explained this to us cuts the adjoining piece between the cups but says she has worn it with the cups still joined in the center. To gain a little more cup size take one D cup QBRA and one pair of the small silicone ‘86’ enhancers and do the same i.e. push the enhancers into the QBRA cups and there you have it an instant silicone breast form for less than $30 !! The combination of the silicone enhancers with QBRA tends to give a bigger cup than just the 2 enhancers together.

OTHER VARIATIONS – There are other variations particularly of the ballon/gel method that we are aware of – we have even been told about using a silicone based caulking product from the hardware stores though this could prove to be very heavy/dense.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and we have kept it to the quick, easy and cheaper methods. There are tried and tested methods for making your own moulds and then moulding your own breastforms using products such as Plastisol. This is a soft plastic in liquid for that is used to make fishing lures. The Plastisol can be colored and poured into your own moulds before heating to over 325 degrees to set/make firm. This does require more time and effort and a little more money but is a great way to achieve a breast form made to your exact specifications.

We’ll cover the more intricate methods of making your own boobs in a follow up article and if any readers have their own suggestions or variations on what is featured here we’d love to hear from you. Please email any suggestions or feedback to and we’ll share as many of your tips in the follow up article.

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