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Big Natural Breastforms Bra Set
Our huge light weight silicone breast forms with holster bra attachment for added realism. Project 6".
List: $649.95
Price: $599.95


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Detailed Description

These Huge Breast Forms are made from the softest and most lifelike non-shine silicone available. Their ingenious construction whereby they are attached to a holster bra using velcro means you can now wear oversize breastforms exposed but with the feeling of security knowing they won't fall. The silicone is a special lightweight formula so that you can wear the set for extended periods as they only weigh under 3.5lbs each. Other forms of this size are made from standard silicone and can weigh up to double making them impractical to wear for even short periods of time.
Simple to wear, just slip on as a regular bra with easy fastening at the front so you are dressed and ready in seconds. These are the ideal solution when you feel the need to be big chested. Strap these on and you will dwarf Dolly Parton - and you can go topless since these huge breastforms are safely enclosed in a holster bra. For a more conservative look you can also wear a standard bra over the set.
Length of each form:9"
Across/Width of each form: 7.5"
Protrusion (from chest wall to nipple tip):6"
Weight: 3.5lbs each form
The specialist bra's come in 3 sizes ranging from a 34" to a 44.5" bra strap and you can choose from black, beige, white or red lace in order to co-ordinate with your chosen outfit. The bras can also be ordered on their own for $89.95. With regards cup size, these are huge - for example a 42 bra strap equates to a full F cup and at the smaller end of the bra strap scale you will be achieving close to an H ! These are the same forms as our best-selling extra large breastform set the Skeeter Bites but obviously they have the specialty holster bra and attachment mechanism.
Special Order: These sets are made to order and take up to 4 weeks to arrive. If you are in a hurry for a pair then call us on 1 888 721 8688 to check time-frame for delivery and we'll be glad to help you.
Color: Skin Matte finish
Bra available: Black/Beige/White/Red

Sizes: Bras available: Small/Medium/Large

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