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What a response we had to the first article on Big Boobs/Very Large Breast forms and why people wear them. One of our favorite girls Lacy, started the ball rolling when she agreed to a Q & A session on how she graduated to wearing her largest pair the Dollys Breast Forms. We found her answers so intriguing and revealing that we wanted to see if any one else would be willing to share their thoughts.

To-date we have had in excess of 30 emails with thoughts on why the need to go to extremes in size, how it makes one feel and why in some cases there is no going back to smaller boobs which will just never do. Interestingly though it became evident from the feedback we had that many folk do wear different sizes for different occasions and for many they definitely feel differently when wearing a passable in proportionalte size versus a large size like an E, F or even J Cup !

Not one of our respondents has claimed (to-date) that they began with the Extra Large Breast Forms. In all cases where it was mentioned our readers stated that it was a case of getting bigger until they reached what they feel to be the largest size they can comfortably wear though some did admit they could only wear a G Cup for example for a few hours at a time.

Some of the feedback we expected and some was a surprise. A number of crossdressers reveal an early impression that a mother, genetic female relation or even TV/Film Star had on them with regards to bigger boobs and how that ultimately led them to what they wear today.

The following are the cream of the crop where the feedback is concerned. Thank-you to one and all for your contributions and if you did not make it to the published list, please do feel your comments were any less valued. We have limited room for each Newsletter Article.

"Like many other 'gurls', I have many sizes to fit the style/mood I'm in. I am most comfortable in the D-DD range but do have a few larger sizes for mostly at home wear. Wearing the larger sizes, out in the real world', would certainly draw more attention to me than I desire. Also having the different sizes allows me to role play in different scenarios." Randi

"What a great topic. When I first started dressing I was using rolled up athletic sox. My first pair of breast forms were a number 8. These would equate to a D cup I think. I have a rather large upper torso and was looking to get something proportionate to my chest and shoulders without calling to much attention to the area in general. I love the 8's because they fit into a D and DD bra perfectly allowing me to place another piece of latex that provides lift for awesome cleavage." Ginnett

"As a boy I always gapped at women with really large boobs. So when I began to dress at age 10 it made perfect sense to me to want big, really big boobs.

The first bra I ever tried on was my Mother's 36DD which only made me want them more. In private I tried to be as big as possible. But when I started going out I wanted to blend in and never went over a "C" . But about 3 years ago I said the heck with it this is who I am and went out in big, double "D" and a tight top.

It was so empowering and I saw the reactions that guys had as well as women had and I felt very powerful and confident. Now I never wear anything smaller then 44DD. When I bought my Skeeter Bites from you a few years ago it fullfilled the dream and the fanstasy. WOW! Huge but I finally had the big realistic jiggly boobs I always wanted. If I woke up in another body I would want it to Jayne Mansfield or Dolly Parton! LOL But for now I will have to settle for my huge 44JJ Boobs and for all the fun they have brought me! Kisses,"
Michelle C

"I started out dressing at a 34C, then I was in my early 20's and about 170lbs and I'm 5'11" so I was busty and well shapped. As I grew older and well wider, I went up in size, and also had a bit of a fascination for a few years with HUGE boobs. Part of this was because of my growing waist line, and it helped me feel more fem. I eventually was up to a 40G. I've since slimed down a bit, and I'm now a 40DD, which is still pretty large.

Through the years I've gotten all but my 40G's from glamourboutique. I have to say I did love my HUGE knockers and they got a ton of fetish attention, but I couldn't even consider passing with them. I recently sold them off to get my girlfriend a valentines day present :)

I'm a hetero CD in Virginia Beach, Thank you so much for you love and support for my BOOB FASCINATION! XOXOX,"

"Hello, I was reading your article about boob size. I started wearing breast forms when i was 19, I am now 37. My first set was a 38 D cup and I thought they were big. I really enjoyed the feeling of having boobs. I had one of my breast forms start to come apart so it was time for a new set. I liked the D cup but wanted to get something bigger. I still was not on the up n up of breast form sizing so the next set I went with what I thought was just a size bigger. Once I received the new forms I soon found out I was going to need a 38F cup bra. The new set was HUGE, it made me feel so fem having such large boobs. My dream had come true, for the time being. Then one day I stumbled upon the biggest forms I seen, the Skeeter Bites. Once I saw them I knew that was going to be my new boob size. I saved the money to purchase the Skeeter Bites and once the purchase was submitted I was so excited about my new boobs. The excitement was overwhelming waiting for the new bigger boobs. The day they arrived I nearly fell over once I opened them and saw just how HUGE they were. Like the last time a new bigger bra was needed. This time it was a 40J to hold the huge set i just got. I now had two sets of forms to wear and I found the Skeeter Bites getting all the wear time. Then it hit me time for bigger boobs and a bigger bra. I now started wearing my Skeeter Bites backed by my 38F boobs. The combination of the two now meant I needed a 46H bra to hold them in. My next idea is to get another set of Skeeter Bites to wear with the set i already have, I am guessing if I do the it will be a bra in the 50F/G size range. When I have my two sets of forms on with my nylons and high heels I feel so powerful and fem. Sometimes when I need to make a business type phone call I feel more confident while wearing my two sets of forms, nylons, and high heels. It is the power of the boobs." Shane

"Hi. I have a pair of C cup forms and a pair of D cup forms. I wear these forms varying with the outfits. I purchased a pair of DDD forms ?? from a friend of mine 2 years ago. These forms are so much fun to wear to Drag shows and private parties. I get a lot of comments, both from other CD's and GG's as well. I am considering an even larger pair......" Maxine

"Hi there, I've read your newsletters for months, but never have I been compelled to reply like I was to your inquiry about the fascination with big boobs.

I'll readily admit if I had a shopping spree you can bet my cart would be filled with the best and biggest forms I could get. There's lots about why I dress that I don't understand, but my boob desires are easier to explain.

First off, my hetero male side (or my inner lesbian) is definitely attracted to boobs. Nothing catches my eye quite like cleavage. Some of my earliest girly kink was leaving lipstick kisses on the pictures of Playboy centerfolds- always around their nipples. My very base impulses are that sexy=breasts. It's not a huge logic leap to go to bigger=sexier. Therefore if I want to dress up sexy, I need big breasts.

Secondly, when I do dress, I want to be as un-male as I can. High heels, sexy dresses, jingly jewelry, etc. But women dress all kinds of ways. Lots of guys have long hair. Lots of women don't wear feminine clothing or accessories. But there is always a visible difference between women and men. (I'm not counting what's between the legs, because that can be covered easily). The female body has evolved to have those two beautiful orbs on the chest, and at least to me they represent ultimate femininity. The more cleavage I can see when I look down, the more girly I feel. Not to mention the bigger they are, the less likely any dangly male bits will be seen.

Finally, I love my bigger forms because of their size. My wife jokes about how her breasts get in the way when she accidentally spills a little bit of food or something onto her front. I want that. I want to be hyper-aware of how girly I am. I want to be forced to work around them, to have to be careful not to run them into things, to force my center of gravity forward. Being girly is like a vacation from my regular life and it just wouldn't be as much fun if I didn't have that extra weight on my chest as a constant reminder of who or what I am getting to be."

"Hi Glamour Botique, What an interesting article. Thought I'd comment on why I love to wear big boobs. And I do wear them out when dressed. A few thoughts...

Years ago you couldn't find very large forms and now Glamour Botique has very big boobs available.

The author cited replacing a pair of boobs with a bigger set when it's time to replace them. And I agree that makes sense to replace them with a bigger pair. I just love them. Extra large bras are available too and I just love big boobs so why not. I am almost 6 feet tall and heavyset so big boobs go with my big build.

Good luck with your survey."

"Hello! I wanted to comment per your request in your article on the Glamour Boutique monthly. I am guessing you are looking for responses with the questions that were listed in the article or other comments about big boobs.

How Long and Why the size I wear: Well, as for my breast size, I wear a DD form. Yes, that's kind of big but I do it to fit my frame size. If I lose the weight I want to lose, I will cut back on my breast size if my natural bust hasn't developed yet to hinder that. I believe that a big bustline is fine if you want to portray that but for me at least, I want to blend in with the crowd but still be able to turn a head or two for that little bit of attention a gal needs as a confidence boost. My advice to any of the other gals reading my comments would be get what makes you look the correct shape. Drag queens often go big and bold but that's more for show rather than to look femme. I am the kind of "gal" that wants to rely more on her ability to attract someone with my entire body and not just my boobs. Granted, there is a fascination with large breasts, but guys will tend to talk to your chest rather than to your face. If that's what you want, that's fine. Smaller breasts are way easier to handle and are more the norm in the real world so I tend to stick to that as a guide. I started with DD and I'm still there without the weight loss I was expecting to happen so it just works for me and this has been for the past 10 years. I would LOVE to go down to a C or a C-D. I think that is about the right amount of volume to make me attractive enough to say hello to and still not be over the top for looks.

Favorite female role model and why: If I had to choose just one lady, besides my Mother of course, as a role model, I would choose Doris Day, Ingrid Bergman or Jackie Kennedy. The way they held themselves and how they dressed, knew what a woman was supposed to be about and they are women with class, style and wreak with femmininity. A touch of June Cleaver in there too just tops it all off. Then, I said one so it would be Doris just because I have seen and studied her in more settings than anyone else. Her walk, looks, even in jeans, the way she wore her hair, genuine smiles, demeaner, her real life, everything about her is just the topps in womanhood. She's been knocked down many times over but kept getting back up and coming back. I think she's just a beautiful person inside and out. She's built like the perverbial brick outhouse and just as strong to boot.

Ideal Measurements if I was born into a female body: For me, I would suppose my ideal measurements would be as a woman 36C-22-30 and about 5'6" tall. Just enough to definitely get noticed but still look good conservatively dressed. I guess that would fill out my clothes properly or well. Just something about wide hips and a bubblier bottom that appeals to men and really makes for a lot of outfit options.

Advice to sisters: Don't let yourself get down because you're not how you want to be and learn to work with what you have. Have patience and the confidence will come. We're all unique and what we do with what we've got is what makes it all happen. Let your inner self shine thru whatever you do and be the person you want to be.

Well, that's about it. Hope you're having a great day and life is good. Hugs,"

"When my lifestyle allowed (wife died and kids moved out of house) my first breast form purchase was a realistic C-cup, and when dressed I looked about as passable as I was ever going to get. As time moved I lost my window of opportunity to pass. I now just like to feel as feminine as possible.Nothing screams woman more than breasts, so I invested in large breasts G cup and long flowing hair (I have resisted the blonde thing). These are my last vestige of pretending at womanhood. I would never attempt to pass with something so outlandish. Now when I dress it’s just for me and my imagination. I love the way large, heavy breasts feel and move in a pretty bra. I avoid the mirror and rely on my mind’s eye for feedback. Not sure that answers your question, let me just say if a little is good, more is better. Hugs" Marina

"First off....I just wear them while at home. Since before I can remember I've had a facination with Lingerie and Boobs. I love it. Beyond belief. Currently, as I sit here, I'm wearing my 42 DD''s. I love being able to sit in my recliner and watch a movie while holding my tits in my hands. It would be great if I could find a woman who would share my fetish and not complain about being felt up too much. But that hasn't happened yet. Yet !!!! I've ordered the really large ones that you have and and it's killing me to save up the money. It's kind of like being really hungry and it's taking forever to get to the resturant. I always tell myself.."Just think how much better it will taste when you finally get there". And it always does. Always. Hope this helps. Signing off as " Major Tit Lover".

Many thanks to all of you that responded and I’m sure everyone reading found both article on the Very Large Breast Forms to be as interesting as we did in the office. It looks like, Jugs, Baps, Boobs, Melons, Dollys and even Skeeter Bites or whatever you like to call oversize Breast Forms are definitely here to stay.

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